Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shopping List: Winter Travel

This morning I have a guest post for you from Emily of shell chic'd, a fellow Bostonian and lifestyle blogger! 

While I, along with the rest of the region, would love to escape Boston’s frigid temperatures and blizzard warnings for somewhere tropical and warm between the months of January and March, my schedule and budget just doesn’t allow it. Thankfully, New England is full of winter wonderland destinations that are easily escapable to over a weekend… no airplane required!

Personally, I find picking the place the easy part. It’s the packing I struggle on. I don’t know the environment//What will the weather be?//Will it snow?//What will be spend time doing? And most importantly, how the heck do I fit all the options in a single bag?!

I follow a few simple rules and stick to a few key items whenever a travel in the winter (and truly the fall as well!)...

LAYERS // Oxfords + pullover sweaters. Boom. Wear them separately or together depending on how warm or cold it is when you arrive.
[ Lobster Sweater, J.Crew Factory | Anchor-Print Chambray Shirt, Old Navy | Clare Pullover, J.Crew Factory ]

PUFFER VEST // Another essential layer, and the perfect “coat” for your car/bus/train/boat ride, as traveling hours in a full-on winter jacket is never comfortable.
[ Quilted Riding Vest, L.L.Bean ]

SWEATER DRESS // Incredibly easy to dress up or down. Not warm enough? Throw it over an oxford and pair with your vest! Needs to be dressier? Its plain nature makes it perfect for layering jewelry onto! {Amy's note: I have 3 of these in my closet - couldn't make it through winter without them!}
[ Sweatshirt Dress, GAP ]

COMFORTABLE PANTS // I’m normally a tights + skirts girl, but I promise: you’ll be happier that you packed pants. Jeans for day (cut of your choice), and fleece-lined leggings for lounging, sleeping, or the car ride up.
[ Fleece-Lined Leggings, Anthropologie | Skinny Jeans, ASOS ]

BOOTS // Just forget the heels sister. Unless they are absolutely necessary for a more formal activity, riding boots will serve you fine. For anything outdoors, Bean Boots.
[ Bean Boots, L.L.Bean | Riding Boots, Lauren Ralph Lauren ]

DUFFEL BAG // If everything doesn’t fit in one (ok, you can leave the boots out), you’ve packed too much. I swear by it!
[ Striped & Sequined Weekender, Anthropologie ]

And some winter destinations I recommend, all within 5 hours of Boston by car…
Mt. Washington, New Hampshire
Portland, Maine {Amy's note: Portland is so much fun and is like a smaller version of Boston!}
Skytop, Pennsylvania [read my post here!]
Stockbridge, MA
Stowe, Vermont
Sunday River, Maine
York Harbor, Maine

Where will you be jetting off to this winter? Wishing you safe travels + happy packing wherever you are headed!


  1. I swear by fleece lined leggings, so I definitely wouldn't travel in winter without them. Love the sweater dress idea! Definitely need to invest in one of those :)

  2. I love pairing a sweater dress with leggings and boots. So cozy, but cute! Another great place to go to is Burlington, VT it has fantastic shops and great hotels to stay in.

  3. Thanks for having me Amy love! Wishing you the speediest recovery xxxo

  4. I am terrible at winter packing! I love this list :) I think fleece lined leggings sound awesome. Why have I not heard of them??? Must... find... leggings...


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