Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guest Post: The Fabulous Life of a Natural Disaster

Hi! My name is Abigail and I am the blogger behind "The Fabulous Life of a Natural Disaster" which is a fashion blog that showcases my style as a 20 something girl on a budget and the things that influence and inspire me. I don’t have a set look, I don’t have perfectly coiffed hair, my nail polish is almost always chipped and it’s safe to say I never get things ‘quite right’, but I’m learning that’s really and truly the fun of fashion and personal style – and that in it’s self is absolutely fabulous.

Most people would say my style isn't 'classic' and they'd probably be right. I do like to try new things, mix up trends, eras, icons etc. and I can be kind of off-beat. However, I also know the value of classic pieces and how important they are to incorporate into your wardrobe. When I say 'value', I mean it's worth in your closet. Classic pieces do not need to be expensive, like, at all, but when you put them together and style them appropriately, you can look like a million bucks. No matter what your budget is, I recommend buying a pair of tailored jeans that you feel comfortable (and fabulous) in, a soft white t-shirt and a nice crisp black blazer. I don't think you can really go wrong with this combination and there are endless ways to accessorize. Last week I paired my classics with a pointed satin kitten heel, leopard belt, vintage jewelry, vintage bag, $5 aviators and a cherry pout.

T-Shirt: Target * Blazer: H&M (old) - similar style here * Jeans: GAP (old) - similar here * Shoes: Manolo via ebay * Bag: Vintage * Belt: Target * Jewelry: Vintage * Sunglasses: H&M - alternative here * Lips: Revlon Cherries in the Snow


  1. I absolutely love this look Abby (and those Manolos were such a find!) Great post, I'd take someone real over "perfect" any day for outfit inspiration xo

  2. Great outfit Abby! I love that you are always keeping it real!

  3. I love this look! That black jacket is so fun! Definitely a different take on a blazer.


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  4. I absolutely love the adorable jacket she's wearing. So cute!

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