Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Favories: Pearls & Lace

Hi everyone, I’m Jen and I write the fashion and lifestyle blog Pearls & Lace; I’m thrilled to be blogging for Amy today as she takes a couple of weeks off to recover from sinus surgery. The recent frigid winter weather had me thinking of my winter necessities that I simply can’t live without when the temperature plummets and the snow begins to fall. Here are a few of my winter favorites; I know Amy and I would love to hear yours!

coat // earmuffs // socks // umbrella // tumbler // gloves // scarf // toque

A warm, yet figure flattering coat is an absolute must for me; it keeps you cozy yet stylish at the same time! I’m also a huge fan of scarves, they’re my favorite accessory and they can add a bit of color to a monochrome look or nicely compliment the color of your coat. I truly believe the bigger the better, besides who doesn’t love to be wrapped up in cozy scarf especially when you’re venturing out into crazy winter weather. Ear muffs or a toque keep your ears from freezing, I especially love earmuffs because they keep your hair looking pretty! Finally, I just couldn’t resist throwing in the cutest umbrella, for those of you who like myself, live in rainy winter climates; you should never be without a trusty and of course, cute umbrella to prevent you from being caught in those unexpected downpours! 

Huge thank you to Amy for letting me take over Cupcakes & Couture for the day! Sending positive vibes and wishing her a speedy recovery! xx


  1. These are some great picks Jen! I especially lvoe the tumblr and that classic coat!


  2. I love the choices. Gives me classic choices to consider. Get well soon Amy we miss you and hope you feel better. Sinus surgery is very hard. Hang in there!

  3. Love the earmuffs, Adorable! Living with these negative temps, big scarfs and my hunter boots and their fleece socks are must haves :)
    Hope you are recovering well Amy.

  4. Hi Amy!
    I just left a comment on Jen's blog saying that I love these items and that they are a must-have in this cold weather. I also love scarves and even more if it's a big, cozy and warm one. I hope you get well soon. Take care of yourself and relax during your recovery.

  5. The CUTEST! Such perfect pieces miss Jen! So smart to include an umbrella too-- necessary :)

  6. Great picks! I am loving that striped tumbler. Jen, you have such great taste! And Amy, wishing you a speedy recovery!

  7. Thanks so much for having me Amy! I had so much fun putting this post together and I'm glad everyone liked it! Hope you're well on your way to feeling better!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace