Monday, March 11, 2013

Splurge vs. Steal: Floral Print Pumps

A couple of weeks ago I posted a wish list that included a gorgeous pair of floral print Alice + Olivia pumps. Although I was (am still am) totally in love with those pumps, I don't really have a spare $300 to drop on a pair of shoes that I can't wear with absolutely everything in my closet right now. So I did some searching and found a very similar pair of floral pumps at a much better price - you'll never believe how much they cost!


ELLE floral print heels - $36 (regularly $60)

I on browsing the new spring pieces from Lauren Conrad's collection (I love her cute, affordable LC line!) when I stumbled across these pretty floral pumps by ELLE. They totally reminded me of the Alice + Olivia ones on my wish list but my jaw literally dropped when I saw the price! I immediately bought them and they should arrive at my apartment sometime next week. I feel MUCH better spending just $36 on a pair of patterned shoes that I'll probably only be able to wear a couple of times a month. What do you think - would you buy the splurge or the steal? Can you tell the difference in price just by looking at the two pairs? I definitely can't!


  1. Wow these are so similar! Great find! Very feminine and springy pumps!


  2. Both are gorgeous and so similar (even in cut!) I love the cherry blossom print xo

  3. I definitely couldn't justify the splurge when the steal is so similar. I love the print!

  4. These are so very similar - very feminine print and colour. Lovely for spring when it finally arrives - it's snowing here in the North of England!!

  5. Love the "steal" version. I'm so into florals for spring.

    The Glossy Life

  6. I like the "steal" ones better!

    xo Jennifer

  7. Wow! They really don't look much different! Nice find!

  8. The steals are super cute but they look like plastic? Are they comfortable?


  9. Those are beautiful.. I especially love the Alice & Olivia's. xoxo, B

  10. I would totally rock these--thanks for sharing!

    Colour Me Classic