Monday, April 13, 2015

Feature: Tiffany CT60 Watch Collection

The night before I took off for San Diego, I had the privilege of being invited to the Tiffany store on Newbury Street to preview their newest collection before it was released to the public: the CT60 watches. I'm always excited and grateful to attend events and Tiffany because it's such a legendary and magical place, and this visit was no exception!

When I arrived, I was whisked away into the private consultation room and greeted by Tiffany representative Derek Conrad {and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot - woo hoo!} who shared the amazing story behind Tiffany's CT60 watch collection. I really loved learning the history of the Tiffany timepiece - it's so interesting and makes the collection so much more unique and interesting from my perspective.

Inspired by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany and the city where he first opened his doors to a new world of style, the collection reflects the cadence of modern life from the streets of New York. The timepieces are infused with the energy and ambition summed up in the famous phrase "The New York Minute:" 60 seconds of pure possibility. Mr. Tiffany introduced its greatest symbol in 1853 when he unveiled the nine-foot Atlas clock above his store—the same clock that stands above the entrance of the company’s Fifth Avenue flagship store today. New Yorkers relied on this unique public clock to keep their lives running on time - back then, watches hadn't yet been invented and no one had cell phones to carry around with them to check the time!

Another neat fact that I learned from Derek was that Tiffany & Co introduced America's very first stopwatch - the Tiffany Timer - in 1868! Tiffany also designed a custom watch for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's birthday in 1945, and the limited edition watch pictured below is a modern interpretation of this creation which would make it a perfect gift for the history buff in your life.

The collection changes things up with the Tiffany East West watch. The timepiece literally turns the rules of watchmaking on its side, with a rectangular shape defined in stainless steel and a black, white or blue dial. I loved this collection because I have never seen a watch with a rectangle shape before, let alone one that lets you view the time with your hand straight out in front of you so you don't have to bend your arm to see the dial!

As expected, all of the Tiffany CT60 timepieces are created with the utmost craftsmanship and feature Swiss movement, chronographs, a sapphire crystal display back and the option to choose models that are rose gold or adorned with diamonds. This steel and diamond bracelet watch with a round face was probably my favorite of the bunch.

On a sidenote, can we talk about how beautiful the private consultation room at the Newbury Street location is? I want whoever designed it to come to my apartment and redecorate it for me to look like this.

The Tiffany CT60 collection starts at $4,250 and Tiffany East West starts at $3,500. Both collections are available at Tiffany stores worldwide as well as online.

A special thanks to PAN Communications for scheduling my visit!


  1. Great write up!! I love the photos - I love the new watch collection!

  2. Gorgeous consultation room! What an honor to be invited.