Monday, January 26, 2015

Style Inspiration: Miss Universe Pageant

As most of you probably know by now, I'm on the Board of Directors for the Miss Boston organization, which is a preliminary pageant for Miss America. The Miss Universe pageant was on last night, and even though it's part of Donald Trump's Miss USA organization which is not affiliated with Miss America, it doesn't mean I don't love to watch and take in all of the amazing dresses and costumes! Today I'm sharing my favorite National Costume looks as well as my favorite evening gowns. Did you watch the pageant? What do you think of my favorite looks?

National Costumes
Keep in mind that these are costumes meant solely for the stage, so they are supposed to be over the top and totally unique!

Miss Canada is clearly a hockey fan and a girl after my own heart. Is this costume kind of ridiculous? Yup. Do I absolutely love everything about it? Yup. It's not too often you see hockey and fashion together, so naturally this had to make my list.

Miss Argentina's costume was one you couldn't overlook! With so many feathers, crystals and rhinestones, it was ethereal and sparkly.

Miss France was obviously a favorite of mine. Love the beret, lace, beading and ribbon tied at the waist. It was the chicest costume out there for sure, but who would expect any less from the French?

Miss India's costume was ornate, bejeweled and truly one of the most intricate to hit the stage.

Miss Lithuania's ensemble looked more couture than costume, don't you think? She could have easily walked down the runway in it and fit right in.

Evening Gowns
This is the time for the girls to shine in lavish gowns that bring on the glitz and glam and show off the amazing figures they've worked hard for!

Although she didn't make the top 10, Miss Aruba's refreshing dress was one of the few that featured a print and wasn't heavily embellished, so it stood out for me. I loved the color against her skin tone.

Miss Jamaica looked chic in her figure hugging embellished red dress. It had a stunning low, open back and her cropped hair and drop earrings were the perfect accompaniments.

Miss Spain was the epitome of sexy, classy and glitzy. This dress fit her like a glove and sparkled with each and every step she took.

Miss USA. Our Miss definitely represented us well - I think she had the best dress of the night, hands down! Red is one of my least favorite colors, but when USA was on stage in this gown you couldn't take your eyes off her.

Miss Australia was my favorite contestant of the night, and I was so sad she didn't make it into the top 10. I really loved the color of dress on her and the shimmering plunge neckline, but wasn't as big of a fan of the ruffled mermaid bottom, so I'm kind of glad this photo doesn't show it! 


  1. Love the pageant last night!! I really loved USA's dress and loved the the Netherlands wore such a pretty color!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I love to see the costumes and think that Miss Canada was really amazing! The goal is to get us talking, right? She succeeded ten-fold ;)

  3. I still think USA should have won :) But Canada did have a fun outfit!

    xo Jessica

  4. I agree-- Miss USA hands down had the most gorgeous evening gown! She looked fantastic. I was also very fond of Miss Jamaica's cultural costume-- it was so colorful and fun!


  5. Regarding Miss Canada's national costume, has there EVER been a professional or even Olympic hockey game the score of which was 20 - 14? Sorry but that detail bothered me.

    1. i think that it was maybe a tribute to the outgoing 2014 miss universe, but i could be wrong! i know what you're saying though :)