Thursday, May 29, 2014

Feature: Brittany Willard of Bwillow Designs

Earlier this month I attended Mount Ida College's student fashion show 'Exposed' and had a fantastic time. I was really impressed with the young talent I saw and the unique perspectives each designer presented. One designer's collection really stood out to me, so I waited until the end of the show to track her down and tell her how much I loved her designs. She very graciously agreed to meet me for a photoshoot of her dresses and even let me try on a couple (after the jump)! I'm so excited to be sharing these photos with you today - I think you'll understand pretty quickly why they are right up my alley. Brittany's designs are feminine and romantic and feature beautiful details and amazing craftsmanship.

Brittany's sketches {click to enlarge}

In Brittany's words: "I am the middle child of three sisters, and very true to being the middle child I am quiet and reserved, the creative one and in love with simplicity. It was in high school when I fell in love with shopping and clothing and sewing. My constant hand sewing and desire to create products led me to realize that fashion was my intended career path. Fashion to me is a world of things on top of creating trending clothing - fashion is a creative outlet that connects with who I am as a person. It has pulled me from the world of the unknown where you question all that you do. I immerse myself into creating pieces that honestly make me happy and make me hopeful for the future, for my future. Fashion has become a value of mine; it makes up an elemental portion of my lifestyle. It affects me wherever I go with whatever I do. Analyzing what others around me are wearing and what it says about them is an automatic attraction for me on a daily basis. I am interested in what others paint their bodies with, so to speak. My eyes wander and rest on what they know and like; yet they also search for meaning behind styles that I find different and intriguing. At 23 years of age now, I am one year away from graduating with my Bachelor’s in Fashion Design at Mount Ida, where I will move on to obtain my Master’s in design and an Associate’s Degree in Buying and Product Development in London."

Brittany (in stripes) and her models after the show {click to enlarge}

"My latest collection, which debuted at the 2014 Mount Ida 'Exposed' Fashion Show in Boston, had inspiration drawn from multiple aspects of my interests. I love the way fabric drapes across the body and illuminates the natural silhouette, which ties into minimalistic design. I also love fabrics with texture and interesting elements or details that heighten visual appeal and peak interest. These combined concentrations led me to create a 5 piece collection that looks great on many body types and draws positive attention to the body through simplicity mixed with subtle yet unique aspects. I fused intricate fabrics combining comfort and stretch to enhance the body, like laser cut leather, sheep skin leather, silk organza and unique textures. Also, I chose a neutral color palette including creams, shades of brown, black and white, to keep the collection elegant and simplistic."

one of Brittany's designs coming down the runway

I hope you enjoy Brittany's designs as much as I do - she and her sister Kristen modeled 3 of the dresses from her collection with me as well as another dress she brought for me to try on that I loved. :)

I was eyeing this dress when it came down the runway and I was SO excited that it fit me!! I love the laser cut leather and the organza skirt.

dress 3...

Brittany modeling her own dress...

I was a bit self conscious to wear this last dress (which we didn't see on the runway) since I'm not a huge fan of super tight clothing on me, but Brittany kept saying that she had wanted to see it on someone with curves and it looked great on me, so I allowed photos to be taken. :)

with the fabulous designer!

if you want to learn more about Brittany and her designs, you can follow her on Instagram (@bwillowdesigns) or contact her via email at Let me know what you think of her collection in the comments below!


  1. These designs are all so pretty! Love it!

  2. This makes me miss sewing!

  3. So pretty! I love the last dress you’re wearing a lot! I wish her best of luck with her passion for fashion design :)


  4. Those dresses are gorgeous!! Love the sketch!

  5. This is such a cool post, Amy! Brittany is VERY talented, and you look amazing modeling her designs! You're rocking that last dress - I love it on you!

  6. So talented. You look amazing. What fun.

  7. wow!!! this dresses are amazing!!!! and you look beautiful with them!!!!



  8. She shows such a wonderful strength and beauty in these shots. I agree - no matter what, she is still a fashion force!plus size club wear