Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: What Goes With This?

I'm really excited to be sharing the new website What Goes With This? with you all today! WGWT is a fashion community for asking and giving style advice. Members ask for outfit ideas and the community gives product suggestions that link directly to stores where they can buy them. When founder Mona reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in joining her new site as a style influencer, I jumped at the chance! I'm no Olivia Palermo when it comes to styling, but I love putting together outfits and giving shopping suggestions to my friends, so why not do so for other ladies out there who are looking for some advice as well? It's actually been kind of addicting for me - I really enjoy answering questions and styling outfits for the WGWT users!

Here are some of the looks I've styled on WGWT...

Jessica wrote: "Just picked up this amazing blush tulle skirt - I've paired it with a striped tank, a simple white tee and a knit sweater - any other fun options?!"

I responded with the following: "Tulle skirts are my favorite!! I've been pairing mine with floral and patterned blouses in addition to stripes & simple tops. Here are some of my picks!" Jessica is able to look at my recommendations by clicking on each top which will bring her to right to the website where she can get more details and have the option to purchase.
Check out the outfit I made on #WGWT!

Jenny asked, "I'm going to a summer party. What is the best way to wear this dress?"

My response: "I would wear this with a pair of colored espadrilles and a white blazer at night when it gets chilly. A fun crossbody bag and some bracelets would complete the look!"
Check out the outfit I made on #WGWT!

Because any user on the site can answer a question and give their recommendations, there are tons of responses from many different points of view and style aesthetics, which I think is really cool. As a blogger, you can also share your own looks with your followers and give them an easy way to shop your outfit and recreate it!
Check out the outfit I made on #WGWT!

Make sure to sign up for WGWT and follow me so we can give each other fun fashion advice! :) And if you're a blogger, don't forget to include your site link when you sign up so you can gain new followers who admire your style.

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  1. Cool! I love the idea of this! I definitely love creating outfits for others just for fun, and of course love to share my blog places! Thanks for this!

  2. What a fun website. Love that tulle skirt!

  3. What a great idea! I am definitely looking into that, seems like it’s right up my alley (especially with wondering what goes with a tulle skirt!!)


  4. Such a fun post! I love that tulle skirt - too cute!

  5. I absolutely need a pink tulle skirt!!!! love this post, btw!! :)