Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Inspiration: Quotes I Love

Earlier this week, I sadly lost one of my coworkers who was only 22 years old. He will be greatly missed around my small office, and I have been lost in thought the past few days thinking about what happened. Although I don't and will never understand death, especially when it comes to someone so young, this has reminded me how fragile but important life is and how we should all cherish each moment that we're alive. Don't wait until "someday" comes to take that trip you've been wishing for forever - plan it now. Spend as much time with the people you love as you can. Love as much and as deeply as you are able to, even when it hurts so badly you don't think you'll ever move on, because you will. Treat yourself and those around you well and notice all of the little things that make life beautiful each and every day. This is all I can do to move forward after tragedy, and I hope you'll all take a minute to read this and do the same. Have a great weekend and I'll be back on Monday!

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  1. Great Friday inspiration! :) Have a good weekend!

  2. THAT FIRST ONE. Preach. (insert hands in the air emoji)

  3. I'm so sorry to read this, Amy. I've always found it hard to wrap my head around death, too, especially when it happens to people who are way too young. Try to have a good weekend!

  4. I sorry to hear about your co-worker, Amy. That is awfully young - I couldn't even imagine. Hopefully you are able to escape your thoughts for a little while and enjoy your weekend.


  5. These quotes are some of my favorites. I'm SO sorry to hear about your co-worker - death is never easy - especially when the person is so young. Always remember to live life to it's fullest xo

    1. glad you like the quotes, and thanks for your sympathies! xo

  6. Very sorry to hear of the loss. Its always hard with someone so young. These quotes are great reminders.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your co-worker and it's particularly difficult to come to terms with when someone is so young. Everything you say is so true. I'ts so important to make the best of every single day.

  8. Beautiful quotes <3

    Vanessa Ribeiro