Sunday, November 10, 2013

Paris: Day 5

Day 5 in Paris also involved a lot of walking. Ellie and I started out in the Marais which is very up-and-coming and features a lot of trendy stores and cafes. 

There are tons of bakeries in Paris, but this was the first and only cupcake shop I've seen! I had to take a photo.

There is a pretty sizable Jewish section in the Marais, and I took a few photos for my stepdad knowing how much he would appreciate this. :)

I loved visiting the Repetto store because it reminded me of my former ballet days. :)

Ellie and I saw Le Centre Pompidou - what an interesting building! We didn't go inside but I would like to someday.

Then we took the Metro to Montmartre to see the Sacre Coeur all lit up at night. It really was breathtaking.

We spend the rest of our night drinking wine and eating at a cafe in Montmartre and people watching. It is such a unique area, and although it's very touristy, it's definitely a must see in Paris!

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  1. That first photo of the church with the sun/clouds behind it is stunning Amy (as is Sacred Heart!!!!) :)