Monday, November 11, 2013

Paris: Day 6

And now I'm all caught up with my posts! Today was day 6 for me but Ellie's last day in Paris. We went for an absolutely beautiful walk along some of Paris' nicest streets in the 1 and 2eme arrondissements. 

We learned that the French really loved Princess Diana, and they constructed a monument over the bridge where she was killed.

We walked by the palace where the president of France lives, and I noticed that there are guards who stand in little boxes outside the walls. I found this very strange, but apparently the boxes are heated. I asked one of them if I could take a photo with him, and although I think it's against the rules, he was bowled over by my charm and allowed me to do so.

You guys know how much I love shopping! I was blown away by how many designer stores there are. I counted 6 Valentinos, 7 Chanels and 5 Diors in one neighborhood alone! The displays are all so beautiful and intricate and passing by them is like going to a museum for me. :)

We saw the Madeleine...

Le Place Vendome...

and the Opera Garnier.

The Galeries Lafayettes is the most gigantic, amazing department store I've ever seen in my life. Picture the Bloomingdales or Macys in NYC times 20. There are gorgeous window displays for Christmas that move and play music - they're the epitome of whimsical. It was tough for me to take photos of them because of all the people crowded in front to watch.

I ended up buying a few things...oops!

As I type this, Ellie and I are getting ready to go out for our nicest dinner yet to celebrate the last day of the trip that we'll share together. It should be a fun night!! Until tomorrow!


  1. lovely pictures, again. have a fun dinner :)

  2. Just caught up on your Paris trip. Looks amazing! You have some great pictures :)


  3. Oh my word i miss paris so so so so so much. Literally my favorite place on this earth. Please tell me you went inside the opera house?? If you didn't and have time, it was without question the highlight of my most recent trip there. The Chagall ceiling is breathtaking.


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