Thursday, June 20, 2013

Design Inspiration: My New Apartment

I don't move into my new apartment until September 1st, but I'm already thinking about how I want my new space to look and how I want to decorate! I want it to be very Parisian chic and feminine with lots of different textures everywhere (faux fur rug, sequin pillows, ruffles, etc.) I'm thinking of going with mostly a black,white and grey decor theme with pops of my favorite color everywhere: light pink! I've been looking to these photos as inspiration:

Can you see what I'm aiming for now? I've put together a little wish list of pieces I would LOVE to have in my new loft...which is your favorite? Do you like my design ideas?

Bedding: Lauren Conrad for Kohls {between $40-$250 for the various pieces}
Chevron Chair: Target {$160}
Chandelier: Home Decorator's Collection {$360}
Vanity: Pier 1 {$470}
Couch: Gilt {sold out}
Curtain: Urban Outfitters {$79}
Chevron Bench: found on House Beautiful
Sequin Pillow: Etsy {$33}
Pink Vanity Chair: unknown

To see more inspiration and shopping ideas for my new apartment, click here!


  1. LOVE this post! Can't wait to come see the new place once it's all set up.

  2. Love the coffee table in the first image!

  3. Your place is going to be gorgeous, Amy! I hope you'll share photos once you move in!

  4. I can't wait to see how you decorate! I love your inspiration photos–and I have that chevron rug (or one that's VERY VERY similar to it!). Get it, I love it! (although it does get dirty easily!).

  5. Love this post - this was my exact design inspiration when moving into my place in the North End: neutral colors, pops of light pink (I have a "ballet slipper" colored wall in my living room!), mirrored furniture, sequined throws, ruffles everywhere. I'm so in love! Good luck with your new space; what part of town are you moving to? - Cherie

    1. thanks! maybe i should have you come over and design for me? :) i'm moving from fenway to beacon st. in back bay!

  6. Simply beautiful...I love the colors! So elegant...

  7. I really want a chevron rug for my new space, too!

  8. Oh my goodness so elegant! I bet your place with be so darlingly sweet and feminine :) I LOVE the black and white chevron rug, and you can never really go wrong with touches of pale pink!
    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd

  9. Oh my, these pictures are BEYOND incredible!! The colors are incredible, especially the wall color against the pale pink curtains in the first. SO BEAUTIFUL! Would've never thought of the combo! And, I have to say I'm a bug chevron fan -- we have black and white chevron curtains in our kitchen that have been so fun to have!

    The Classy Cubicle

  10. I love the third one! I have been trying to find a chevron rug. I have a zebra stripe one instead!


  11. Gorgeous pictures - I'm so excited for you! I totally want that vanity - that would be amazing! xx

  12. I love the 4th one! :) Great wishlist Ms. Amy! Can't wait to see your new apartment! :)

  13. I've definitely pinned the first and fourth photos for my inspiration as well! I love the style you've decided to go with and can't wait for you to move in and get to actually decorate the space!

    xo jen