Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DIY Project: Angel Cards

*Please check out yesterday's Sweet Treat Tuesday post that I wrote for! :) I shared my recipe for Creamsicle Cupcakes. :)

Back in college, my friend Joia introduced me to Angel Cards, little strips of paper with inspirational words written on them. Her and her mum used to make them together and pick one out each morning to focus on for the day. I absolutely loved this concept and recently decided to make myself a new set of Angel Cards to pick from each morning since my set from college was a bit old! They are super easy to make and great to give for a gift to add a bit of inspiration to your friends' and family members' days.

I have about 70 cards made but I only snapped photos of some of the words, so if you are interested in learning what all of my cards say, please send me an email and I will type up the full list!

What you need...
  • card stock (I used 4 different colors)
  • scissors
  • letter stamp set
  • black ink
  • symbol stamps (or stickers!)
  • organza favor bag from a craft store to keep the cards in
What to do...
  1. Cut the card stock into 3"x1" strips. Use as many colors of card stock as you'd like!
  2. Stamp the words you want to use out on to each card.
  3. Decorate with a stamped symbol, sticker or some glitter...whatever you want!
  4. Let them dry and then store them in your small favor bag.
  5. Choose a word each morning and focus on it throughout the day. Use it as a mantra, or something to work on within yourself or just something to look out for as you go about your normal routine. 


  1. This is such a sweet idea! I'd carry the word around in my wallet throughout the day or pin it up in my cubicle at work as a reminder!

  2. Such a cute idea, and I love how they came out!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. I love this idea!! I think I will be picking up some card stock this weekend:) Would be a great gift for my sisters and and friends!

  4. I love this idea - sometimes we forgot the important things to focus on, what a beautiful reminder xo

  5. So cute - I love this! What a great idea xo

  6. ohhh this is a lovely idea. reminds me of when i used to keep fortune cookie fortunes in a little chinese food box by my bed.


  7. Love this idea! SOOOO cute! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  8. These are awesome...I love this idea!!

    Classy with a Kick

  9. what a great practice. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Such a cute idea. I love this! Yours turned out really cute.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  11. Oh what a lovely concept sort of like a fortune cookie that keeps on giving!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  12. These are so sweet - what a great idea!