Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lately on Instagram: My Trip to Antigua!

I hope you all enjoyed the long Memorial Day weekend! I wanted to share my photos from Antigua with you all today. I was really nervous to be traveling alone for the first time, but it was SO nice and relaxing to have all that alone time and I really was able to get my mind off things and enjoy myself. Both the staff and other vacationers were super friendly to me at the resort and I was never really alone for that long! I stayed at the Verandah Resort & Spa which I totally recommend - it was beautifully landscaped, had great food, clean accommodations and pristine beaches...I had zero complaints about the resort at all. I read 4 great books, swam in the warm turquoise water, got a massage and a sunburn body treatment, napped on the beach, played volleyball, rode in a sailboat and met new people over dinner. I hope you enjoy my photos - let me know which one's your favorite! :)

Sitting in the airport at 5am waiting to board...

Arriving to my villa by golf cart because the roads were too windy and hilly for me to carry my suitcases!

Walked into my villa and found these gorgeous flowers and a bottle of wine from my friends Cordy, Renee and Jen. I was blown away by their thoughtful gesture and felt so thankful to have such amazing friends.

The view from my villa's balcony...no filter! Isn't it breathtaking?

My first afternoon at the beach...

Beautiful views...

Day two at the quieter beach...

The pool at sunset...

A pretty ombre C&C California silk maxi dress {similar} for a dinner with new Canadian friends. We bonded over hockey! :)

Went sailing on a Hobie Cat boat with one of the staff... it was so beautiful out on the water!

Got back to my villa after a day at the beach on Monday and found this birthday cake sent from my family! I couldn't resist taking a bite before I took the photo! :) It was vanilla filled with fresh fruit...delicious. Happy 27th!

Wore another C&C California maxi dress {similar} and my vintage Gucci bag out for my birthday dinner with my new friends from Austin, TX! 

The family from TX was so genuine and sweet. They invited me for dinner two nights in a row and made me feel like I was a part of their family. :) They even brought me this slice of cheesecake to dinner on my birthday! How thoughtful is that?

My last night in Antigua was rainy and cloudy, but that didn't stop me from having a great time meeting new friends my own age from all over! Panama, Vancouver and California...we had a blast getting to know each other.

On my last morning before I departed, I went to the beach for an hour to get one last look at the beautiful view. I am still missing it today!


  1. This looks like a dream-come-true trip. So amazing!

  2. Wow, these pictures are amazing. I bet you just had the best time ever!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  3. Beautiful photos especially the photos in the beach. Oh summer <3 i have instagram too we can follow each other danerecabe


  4. Fabulous pics!! Your vacation looks like it was super relaxing and rejuvenating!! Glad you had a great time :) xx

  5. go you traveling alone! sounds lovely... the pictures are too!

  6. Super lovely vacay....count me in as jealous!!!


  7. Looks amazing! I have always wanted to take a trip on my own :)

  8. The view is absolutely spectacular! I'm so happy you had a great time, you look amazing in all your beachy outfits!

    xo jen

  9. What a gorgeous place. It looks like this trip is just what you needed!

  10. beautiful photos! looks like an amazing trip :)

    <3 Lianna J @ Salem Style Crochet

  11. I think it's awesome you went on a trip by yourself...it looks so beautiful and relaxing :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. wow, this is beautiful! I love the pic's glad you had fun!!!


  13. Looks amazing Amy! Glad you got a chance to unwind a bit. Gotta say, I am freakishly jealous right now!

    Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

  14. What a great trip! And how fun that you went by yourself...I am starting to think that is the way to go! You get to do whatever you want...I love it! Happy belated birthday!

    Classy with a Kick

  15. Sounds like such a relaxing getaway! I love both those maxis on you and happy belated birthday!!

  16. Traveling by yourself is the best feeling. It is a amazing empowering way to grow and have fun with confidence in yourself. I love your photos and am so happy for you that you had such a amazing trip. Way to go Amy!

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