Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lately on Instagram...

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous New Year! I wanted to share a few of my photos from the past couple of weeks, including Christmas, New Year's Eve and everything in between! :) What have you been up to lately?

sometimes a night in on the couch with your cat and a view
of the Christmas tree is all you really need! :)

Christmas Eve celebrations at my mother's house with my sister Jill!

enjoying a few mimosas on Christmas morning with my sister and mum

and a photo in front of the fireplace with Dad!
sequin skirt: Romeo & Juliet Couture (similar)
scarf: Burberry

my new tattoo just below the crook of my elbow done by Matt at
Pino Bros Ink. it's my grandmother's handwriting and I got it done
on her birthday. :) I love how it turned out!

went for a snowy walk through the Arboretum with my boyfriend

love the Boston city skyline in the background!

got together with some of my lady friends for New Year's Eve!

I had to wear sequins...nothing's better for NYE!
dress: LC by Lauren Conrad (similar)


  1. Very pretty pictures... lots of sequins, smiles and snow :)
    And the tattoo for grandmother is very very sweet.

    Come visit our blog sometime!!
    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  2. love the sequin dress. I am not a tattoo person but yours looks great, very classy!


  3. Love love love all of your sequins! You look great; such a fun holiday season!

  4. I love these holiday photos! Your sequin skirt is adorable.

  5. very cute family shots!

    beccy, xoxo

  6. Thank you for sharing! Lovely to get a peek at how you celebrated the holidays :) The tattoo in your grandma's handwriting looks amazing and I am sure it means a lot to you and is so much more personal than having it in any old font...

  7. Nice dress! I am not a tatoo person at all but that is cute. Its very meaningful and personal. I hosted a NYE party at my house on the beach and on NY Day we went surfing and paddle boarding around the harbor. I am in graduate school starting in February so I am enjoying the down time reading books for pleasure and visiting with friends before I go back to work full time in a week.

  8. So cute and lovely photos with your family and friends Amy!
    Seems like you had the best time!
    Have a great day and a happy new year :)
    xo Lily

  9. Your tattoo is so sweet and lovely! How amazing :) What an honor to your grandmother!

    AND I LOVE your New Year's dress, you look drop dead gorgeous girl! :)