Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Five Must-Read Style Blogs

I realized the other day how many blogs I'm following right now - I think it's upwards of 400!! I follow lots of baking, DIY and lifestyle blogs, but I also really love reading posts and seeing photos from style bloggers all over the world. These are five of my favorites right now in no particular order. If you haven't checked them out yet, please do ASAP!

1. The Style Department. I absolutely love Kate's sense of style and always perfect hair. (Seriously, this girl never has a bad hair day!) Her outfits range from sporty to girly to glam to rocker chick - she can effortlessly pull off any look she wants and keeps up with all the current trends without looking like she tries too hard. Her blog is one of my favorites to read each day.

2. Always Maylee. Chic, feminine and classic, Yi-chia's style is very similar to mine which is why I instantly fell in love with her blog. A fellow shopping addict from the Boston area, she always looks perfectly put-together without spending a fortune on her wardrobe. In addition to sharing photos of her outfits, she puts together great shopping lists for her readers to snag her style! 

3. girlavantgarde. Courtney is a law student in NYC with some seriously awesome style. If you work in an office setting, I recommend checking out her blog because she really knows how to make business appropriate outfits look polished but stylish at the same time - no cookie cutter suits to be found here. (Courtney can also rock a sexy and classy night out ensemble like nobody else!) I love how she posts recipes and DIY posts once in awhile to show us how creative she is!

4. Flirting with Fashion. Rebekah is a gorgeous 20 year old Brit living in Germany with a really unique sense of style. I love how she toughens up feminine looks by adding studs, leather and bold accessories. Once in awhile she'll post a super funky look that I could absolutely never pull off but always admire!

5. Frassy. If I could pick one word to describe Audrey Leighton, it would be glamorous. I'm always blown away by her super chic European style - even when she's wearing sneakers and jeans, she looks amazing! This girl was born stylish and is the absolute epitome of fashion. Check our her curated shop Frassy Rags which carries trendy but affordable pieces!


  1. thank you so much amy, I feel really honored,since I love reading your blog! don't quite know what to say:)
    will check out the other girls immediately!:)
    xx Kate

  2. You are so sweet for including me in this list! I am so flattered. Thank you!!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. I didn't know those cute girls yet, thank you to speak about them!


  4. Aww.. that's too kind, dear! :) Thank you so much! *mwah
    Now I gonna check the other blogs. They seem to be great!

    xx Rebekah

  5. Love learning about new blogs, especially fashion blogs! Can't wait to check out all of these!

  6. thanks for sharing, totally checking them out :)
    xx mili

  7. Thank you Amy! This made my day! Going to check out the other stylish blogs ASAP

  8. Can't wait to check these out! Love discovering new blogs!

  9. following dome of the girls on here already, will check out the rest! xx