Monday, April 30, 2012

What I'm Dreaming Of...

Here are just a few things I've been dreaming about this month...many of them are experiences rather than material things. Let me know what's on your wish list in the comments below!

A ride on a vintage carousel...

...or up in a hot air balloon!

A romantic evening walk with my boyfriend...

A relaxing day off at the beach...

 A nap in this awesome poolside bed that also overlooks the ocean...

A trip to the Arnold Arboretum to see all of the blooming spring flowers...

This gorgeous Eiffel Tower cake by Amelie's House....

A new floral scarf like this one from Kate Spade...

This mint watch or any piece of arm candy from this list...

New plates, bowls and mugs from Cath Kidston...


  1. I used to love riding an carousel when I was little especially on a horse! And god Am I wishing to be laying at that beach right know! Those nail polishes look pretty, have you ever tried out D&G nail polish?

    xoxo Blair

    1. i haven't tried D&G polishes before, but now i'm thinking i need to! just found out that saks carries all of the pastel colors so i need to check them out soon!

  2. Ah the beach sounds just lovely! & that poolside bed looking over the ocean sounds amazing!


  3. I love carousel's! They are so pretty & bring me right back to being a kid again! And Hot Air Balloon rides are so cool. One year for my Husband's bday I got us a Balloon ride. He loved it!!! It's been a hard gift to top, even 11 years later =)

    1. that is a great gift idea - i am hoping to go on a hot air balloon ride for my birthday some year too! :)

  4. I'm loving that vintage carousel photo! So pretty!