Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Listen up guys! Valentine's Day is just around the corner - do you know what you're getting your girlfriend yet?  If you're used to getting her the same thing every year (like flowers, chocolates or dinner reservations), I've got a few new gift ideas for you. You don't need to spend a boatload of money to show her you care - it's the thought that counts!

Ladies, if you don't have a boyfriend, many of these items would be great to treat yourself to!  Everyone deserves a little love on February 14th! :)

Fresh "Kissing Ritual" set - $25. This scrub and lip balm set will keep her lips kissable all year long!

Philosophy "Falling in Love" fragrance set -$50. This romantic scent is a mix of vanilla, blackberry and floral notes and is sure to put a smile on her face each time she wears it.

Diptyque "Eau Rose" rollerball - $48. She can keep this rollerball in her purse and smell like roses any time she wants.

Givenchy pearl stud earrings - $32. Available in 5 beautiful colors, these pearl earrings can be worn with any outfit and will last a lifetime.

Catbird alphabet rings - $92 each. Mix and match these stackable rings to create a unique gift. Give her your initial, her initial, the dainty heart...the options are endless! Also available in silver.

Tiffany "I Love You" ring - $125. She should know every day that you love her, even if you don't always say it out loud. 

Alex & Ani "Key to My Heart" and "Skeleton Key" bangles - $56 for both. The heart padlock and bejeweled skeleton key are Perfect for Valentine's Day, don't you think? Also available in silver.

Victoria's Secret lace applique satin slip - $48. She'll feel sexy even when she's just hanging around the house in this pretty slip.

Juicy Couture "Madame Daydreamer" clutch - $128. Not in to jewelry or perfume? She can brighten up any outfit with this fun & girly clutch.

ModCloth "Through the Post" clutch - $30. Remember love letters and postcards? They used to be the way for couples to communicate back when our grandparents were young. :) Let her step back in time to the good old days with this vintage inspired clutch.

RetroLovePhotography Scrabble quote wall art - $15. This cute Etsy shop offers 5x5" photos featuring romantic quotes spelled out with Scrabble tiles. Choose one that suits your relationship and will look nice on her wall!

Bbsweetlove personalized love letter cookies - $50 for one dozen. Surprise her with these adorable cookies personalized with your own love letter! They're definitely too pretty to eat, but even after they're gone, we know she'll remember them forever.

DIY Deck of Love cards - ~$5 to make. No money? No problem. It's time to get crafty. Follow this tutorial to make her a mini book out of playing cards to tell her all the reasons you love her. Trust me - she won't care that you didn't spend money on her. She'll cherish this for years to come.


  1. Or do you leave it to your partner to do all the gift buying? Even if you leave it all to your partner there must be a few occasions when you have to buy a gift or present for them, either on their birthday or at Christmas.

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