Saturday, November 26, 2011

DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses

I've been seeing photos of DIY chalkboard wine glasses all over Pinterest lately, so I wanted to try and make some myself! I love the idea of writing your name on the glass instead of using wine charms. Although wine charms are really cute, everyone always forgets which charm is theirs, so having names written on the glasses is a foolproof way to remember whose is whose.

I decided to make a set of 4 white wine glasses for my mum for her birthday and wanted to give my tips and tricks on how I did it.

What you need...

  • wine glasses - I bought a set of 12 cheap glasses for just $10 at Bed Bath & Beyond! 
  • Krylon chalkboard spray paint in black 
  • paper towels 
  • scotch tape 
  • newspaper (or anything like this to cover the surface where you'll be spraying) 
  • chalk in any color 

What to do...

  1. Go to a really well ventilated area. Take it from me...opening all of the windows in your 550 sq ft studio apartment won't cut it - this spray paint gets pretty smelly and will give you a headache. 
  2. Lay down newspaper on the ground or surface where you will be spraying the glasses. Anything the paint touches will turn to chalkboard, so you really want to make sure you don't get it anywhere you don't want it. 
  3. Tightly wrap paper towels over the entire wine glass, making sure you cover the stem right up to where it turns into the base. Tape the paper towels so they are securely covering the glass and no paint can get through. This is really important, so be thorough! (You could also choose to spray the entire stem and the base if you want - whatever you do, just make sure you tightly cover the parts of the glass that you don't want to be painted.) 
  4. Spray one sweeping, even coat on the base of each wine glass. Let dry for a few minutes. Spray a second coat in the same way. This part is quick and easy! 
  5. Let the glasses dry for at least 24 hours before touching them. (I put mine on a piece of cardboard on top of the fridge so my cat Phoebe couldn't knock them over.) 
  6. Once the paint is completely dry, unwrap the glasses from the paper towels. If any of the paint got on the glass or stem, use a cotton ball or q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to gently remove it from the areas you don't want it. This really works! I also used this technique to neaten up the line where the painted base turns into the non-painted stem. 
  7. Write your names on the glasses and enjoy! :) The chalk comes off easily with your hand so an eraser is not necessary. 
  8. Note: do not put these glasses in the dishwasher. Wash them gently by hand. Water from the faucet won't harm the chalkboard paint but the dishwasher is just too strong. 


  1. Love it! So crazy that we did the same project!

  2. you know what they say about great minds...

  3. hi :) how long have these lasted you now that they have had a few washes?

    1. hi cathy! they have lasted very well because we only hand wash them. i think putting them through the dishwasher would likely destroy them, so just take care to hand wash and you should be good!

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