Thursday, June 19, 2014

Guest Post: Zillow Digs

Happy Monday! Today I have a great guest post from Emily Creswick of Zillow on how to expand your closet and storage space. As someone who lives in a small studio apartment in Boston and owns way too many clothes, bags, shoes, etc., I need all the help I can get! I'm sure that many of you city dwellers feel the same, so hopefully you'll enjoy these tips as much as I do!

5 DIY Clothing Storage Ideas
Source: American Dream Builders

Summer is finally here in Boston, meaning it’s time to update the wardrobe with exciting new seasonal pieces. However, before making any purchases, it is essential that the bedroom is equipped with adequate storage space for the new collection.

Diehard fashion collectors may need to remodel to make room for their attire, or begin looking for a new home with a larger closet. But for those unprepared to make the move, here are some do-it-yourself (DIY) tips and tricks to optimize and increase clothing storage space in the bedroom.

1. Purge Winter Items
The start of a new season is a great time to complete a wardrobe overhaul. The easiest way to complete this task is to remove and donate any items unworn throughout the previous season. Free up additional space by storing bulky winter items such as coats, ski jackets and jeans in handy space-saving vacuum bags. Pack away in the attic or garage with other seasonal items including boots, gloves and scarves.

2. Exploit Hidden Spaces
Use the free space under the bed to store shoes and smaller clothing items such as socks, underwear and gym gear. Invest in labelled wicker baskets to keep things organized and to add a nice design element to the room. Get the most out of the deep space under beds by purchasing long containers with wheels that easily roll out from beneath beds. The back of the bedroom door is also another great hidden storage space. Add an over-the-door set of hooks for discreet storage of handbags, belts and other accessories.

3. Create a Feature Rack
Trending bedroom elements are hanging racks – perfect for adding clothing storage or an industrial design accent. Freestanding racks with hanging space for clothing and a bottom rack for shoe storage are versatile. For an artistic option, create a suspended clothing rack using anchored hooks, rope and piping. This gives the bedroom a chic boutique feel while providing a spot to showcase and store favorite seasonal items.

4. Utilize Vertical Space
The area above eye level offers precious and often-overlooked storage real estate. Add cost-effective floating shelves to an empty wall for baskets of lightweight items such as summer scarves, socks and belts. Installation is simple with a DIY kit, available at hardware or home d├ęcor stores. Another clever use of vertical wall space is to add a small wooden ladder with rung shelving, perfect for jewelry and shoe storage.

5. Include Functional Furniture
Multi-functional furniture is ideal for bedrooms requiring more storage space. For a stylish and functional nightstand, stack two to three vintage suitcases on top of each other and stabilize by storing less frequently worn clothing items in each. Another option is to add a flat-top trunk or upholstered ottoman with hidden storage at the end of the bed. Stow bulky winter items inside and use the top for additional bedroom seating or to display accessories.

These innovative ideas are sure to increase the amount of space required for a precious clothing collection. Check out more inspirational closet design ideas at Zillow Digs.


  1. That hanging rack in the first image looks so crisp and profesh like a boutique. Sadly bathroom is strewn with clothes.

  2. These are great tips! I'm always looking for ways to maximize space (because there's actually no possible way for me to STOP buying cute things, sooo...) :)


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