Thursday, February 20, 2014

Guest Post: Fashion Yourself a Yogi

Hi everyone - today I have my super talented (and flexible) friend Ashley sharing her yoga style tips with us so we can all look cute while sweating it out on the mat!

Confession: I have a yoga-clothing obsession. Those who know me are well aware that the more colorful, funky and fresh my outfit is, the more excited I am to hit the studio or the town. When I have the right clothing I feel more confident, invigorated and excited to sweat. I’m not trying to tell you what to wear to class or that you need to break to the bank to look good, but more so wanting to share my resources and love for fun yoga fashion!

lululemon Flow Y Bra, In a Flash Singlet and Trina Turk leggings

I get it, this sounds pretty anti what yoga is all about…attachment, materialism, judgment etc. However, yoga clothing was what led me to my practice years ago, and is what has kept me a motivated, consistent, and growing practitioner. Thanks to lululemon offering community classes I was able to give yoga a try as a customer. I began to crave yoga and started going on my own outside of the complementary classes. Because of this, and my intense love for all lululemon product, I eventually became an educator for lululemon. I learned so much more about the practice of yoga, myself as a yogi, and beyond that, the function of various pieces of clothing and why certain fabrics were used. So naturally, my love of yoga fashion grew and grew as I learned more about the industry.

Onzie Spring 2014 Elastic Bra Top, Long Leggings and Elastic Back Tank 

Now, don't get me wrong, I’m not a lulu only gal, though I typically won’t buy certain other brands. I am very brand loyal, and once you experience that type of quality and all that lies behind it, it’s hard to ever want to go into an Athleta or Lucy. However, I do look for lesser-known brands that can offer me some of the more fresh patterns, colors, and style designs I crave. If I see something in a class or at a festival I find out where someone got it, or do research on my own. This has led me to exciting new brands like Onzie, Inner Fire, Teeki, Firedaughter Clothing, Spiritual Gangster, Black Milk, and Zuvi

lululemon Free to Be Wild Bra, Teeki leggings and Onzie tank

What can I say, the funky leggings draw me in like a cat to milk.

I shake my head at quotes like this one: “What properties could a specialised piece of yoga apparel have that normal exercise clothing, or your normal 'round the house' gear doesn't have?” For anyone who has worn a cotton tank to a heated yoga class and then switched to a moisture-wicking one, I know you feel my uncomfortable shudder. Sure, you can absolutely wear whatever is most comfortable for you to practice in, but if you have the choice (and means), why not choose to wear something that is going to wick your sweat, stay out of your way, move with your body, and look stinkin cute? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather wear an anti-bacteria tee that's going to soak up my large pool of sweat, than a cotton or polyester shirt that is going to get weighed down and baggy.

Sure, I wear clever cotton tanks like, “I’m just here for the savasana,” or “Hanging with my Omies,” but I wear them pre or post class, or maybe even as a part of my on the town style. I take my yoga (and general fitness) fashion off the mat and to the street. I like my yoga style to go beyond the functionality I need for a rigorous power flow class. I want to be somewhat unique in wearing my colorful stretchy clothes, so I can take a good fitting legging out to an impromptu post-class outing. Let’s be real, who doesn't want look their best while sipping on some fresh pressed juice with the hottie one mat over?

Zuvi leggings, Inner Fire Tank, lululemon headband

Here are a few of my go tos:
  • Neon or patterned leggings
  • Lycra, luon, luxtreme, mesh, and other moisture-wicking blends
  • Tanks and Tees with cut outs or sheer parts
  • Cheeky yoga or fitness sayings 
  • Layering pieces (lightweight scarves, draping tanks, malas, leg warmers)

I don’t always look put together or fashionable, but I try to take the time to pick out something to wear to yoga that is comfortable, functional, fun, and well-fitted. That way I’m totally jazzed, and I can hit the town after! Maybe the next focus in my practice should be to work on anti-attachment!

Ashley Houston is a yogi with attitude, sporting her “Namaste, bitches” canvas bag when she hits the mat (and the town). She is currently based out in Fort Collins, CO as the Partner Relations Director for Yoga Travel Tree. She loves helping yogis find their yoga anywhere in the world! You can check her out on Twitter: @MidwestAsh


  1. Love your looks Ashley! I am on the hunt for more cute workout gear. I have the savasana wrap from Lulu and its amazing!


  2. So cute! I tend to stick with non-patterned yoga gear, but maybe it's time to give some patterned pants a try!

  3. Love this! I just got into yoga in the last year, and I have to agree -- the clothes are a huge part of the fun!

  4. Thanks ladies! I definitely vote for going bold-don't be afraid to add color and pizzaz!

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  5. Love this!!! I enjoy yoga clothes myself, now I just need to actually do yoga more!! lol


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