Monday, January 13, 2014

Gift Guide: Get Well Soon!

Happy Monday everyone! This Wednesday I am having septoplasty and sinus surgery, so I am taking a some time off from blogging to prepare, recover and relax. I've been getting sinus infections 5-6 times a year for the last few years and have difficulty breathing, especially at night due to an extremely deviated septum, so this surgery should help me to start feeling better down the road and breathing like a normal person!

I know I won't be feeling up to doing much baking or outfit posting, so I've asked some of my favorite bloggers to guest post for me over the next two weeks. It's been really fun queuing up all of these posts with their different topics, voices and styles. When I reached out, I expected that maybe half of the girls would have the free time or be interested in writing for me, but I received so many posts from them that I actually have to double up on posts each day!! There will be more going on here at Cupcakes & Couture than when I'm healthy! ;) It really goes to show how many talented bloggers are out there and what a great, supportive community we have. I am flattered that so many of them took the time out of their busy lives to write for me, so please make sure to visit their blogs and show them some love in my absence! :)

Hi Cupcakes & Couture Readers! My name is Kelly and I blog over at Sparkles & Shoes, my fashion and lifestyle blog by a New York City girl featuring trends, travel, and tasty eats. In May 2012 I had massive reconstructive knee-surgery that left me with plates, screws, and a month long stay on the couch. I would say this qualifies me as an expert in what to get for a sick friend!

Here are eight things I am sure would be great to make any sick friend smile in my Get Well Gift Guide!

Fresh Flowers. Regardless how you feel about flowers - yes they are expensive and yes they do die - if your friend is sick and at home all day, beautiful flowers can really brighten up their days at home. I love this Cosmopolitan Bouquet since they can actually use the glass once they are better.

Magazines. Your friend will have lots of down time and there is only so much TV they can handle. Go ahead and raid the magazine racks from the $1.99 gossip rag to a copy of Vogue. Along these lines, a book of Soduku usually works well too.

Healthy Snacks. A cheer me up bouquet of dipped strawberries and fruit like these from Edible Arrangements is a great option because your sick friend is mostly likely on the couch/bedridden, so fruit is a great way to not pack on the lbs.

Candles. Candles are great whether you are sick or not - a great smelling, long lasting candle can really brighten your friends mood.

Pillow Cases. Your sick friend is going to be spending a ton of time on the couch or in bed so nice new pillow cases are perfect - my favorite are Pima Cotton 700 Thread Count Pillow Cases. You can pick them up on or Marshall's.

Nice Lotion. Along the same line as the candles, most of the time when we run out of lotion, we swing by our local CVS and pick up whatever's on sale. Get your friend nice lotion as a way to change up their routine and brighten their day!

Maid Service. If you can afford it, buy a local Groupon/Living Social deal and send a cleaning service to your friends place while they are out of commission. If that is too pricey offer to help with the day-to-day stuff that needs to be done, such as a grocery trip, a Target run, doing a load of laundry, bringing home cooked food or walking the dog. {Amy's note: this is such a thoughtful idea and would be super appreciated by anyone!}

Amazon GiftCard. An Amazon gift card is a perfect way your friend can get whatever they want to ease and speed up their recovery.

The main thing is to get something they want, not something they need. Along with getting them physical gifts, helping out a sick friend recover can be a simple phone call: when you’re at the grocery store call your sick friend and say “I'm here, what do you need?” Or, “I have the kids after school... don't worry.”

Amy, I hope you are recovering well!


  1. Love fruit baskets, candles and magazines! Great get well gifts :)
    xo TJ

  2. Cute post! Best wishes Amy and take some time to relax and get healthy :) xx

  3. The maid service and pillow cases are both awesome ideas that I would never have thought of!

  4. What a lovely gift guide! Any gal would be lucky to get something like this :)

  5. Magazines are a must! AND I love the idea of an online shopping gift card, so clever. Wishing you luck with the recovery love! xo

  6. This is such a great idea! I need to get better at helping others when they aren't feeling well :)

  7. Amy feel better soon and I look forward to 2014 with your fabulous blog. Best wishes for your surgery and recovery.

  8. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Looking forward to discovering the guest bloggers. Thoughts are with you.

  9. Good luck with the surgery and hope you have a quick recovery!

    The Tiny Heart

  10. I LOVE the maid service gift. Best wishes tomorrow!! I will be thinking of you. Do you still need help with blog posts?

  11. Wishing you the absolute best tomorrow Amy! We will all be thinking of you xo