Monday, November 25, 2013

Shopping List: Winter Survival Guide

Winter is going to be here in Boston before we know it. As a lifelong resident of Massachusetts and a Bostonian for the last 5 years, I've braved many a cold winter and wanted to give my advice on how to survive winter in the city while still looking fashionable...I hope you enjoy! :)

1) A heavy, waterproof winter jacket. This is an absolute must, especially if you’re a commuter like I am and spend a lot of time walking and waiting outside for public transportation. I swear by this North Face Arctic jacket ($299) because it keeps me warm even when we have negative temperatures and protects me from the wind, snow and other elements. It isn’t puffy like some of the other heavy coats that make you look like a walking sleeping bag, so I can maintain a bit of style while wearing it. Wool and cashmere coats are great for warmer dry days, but you can’t survive a Boston winter without one of these winter coats!
2) Uggs. I know, I know...Uggs were cool in the early 2000s, but I don’t wear them for fashion! On the drier, cold days, these warm boots are a must when you’re walking around outside. I wear them to work and stow my flats or heels in my bag to change into at the office so that my feet aren’t freezing outdoors. I recommend the tall ones ($195) for ultimate warmth.
3) A warm cashmere scarf. Okay, I guess it doesn’t have to be cashmere. But I really love my Burberry scarf ($395) because it’s warm, soft and goes with everything in my wardrobe. It’s an easy way to look chic even when it’s 0 degrees outside!
4) Earmuffs or an ear warmer. I am not a fan of hats because they cause hat hair and static, so I choose to wear earmuffs and ear warmers instead! I love this cute pink bow ear warmer made by local designer Salem Style ($16) - your head will stay warm while your hair looks perfect.
5) A waterproof tote bag. When it’s raining or snowing out, I leave my leather bags at home and choose to carry this Longchamp tote ($145) because it’s waterproof. This way I keep my leather bags looking great and everything I’m carrying with me stays dry!
6) Waterproof boots. You will have a bad day if it’s snowing out and you ruin your nice leather boots walking around the unplowed sidewalks of Boston. Trust me on this one. I used to avoid wearing real winter boots because I thought they looked silly on me, but there are some cuter pairs out there! Tuck your skinny jeans into these Sorel ‘Tofino’ boots ($150)  to keep your feet warm and dry on those snowy days. You’ll thank me later.
7) Tech savvy gloves. You know what I hate? Waiting for the bus with cold hands because my gloves don’t let me type on my iPhone. There are so many cute gloves now that have “texting fingertips” so that you can use your phone without having a freezing cold hand. I like these cute leopard print ones ($12) from Nordstrom!
8) Rubber rain boots and liners. After a big snowfall in Boston, the sidewalks and streets are filled with nasty, dirty slush. On days like those, I wear my Hunter tall rainboots ($150) with the faux fur fleece liners ($50) inside to keep my feet warm and dry. You can go stomping through those snow piles without a care.

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  1. I'm really not an Ugg fan, but I've resolved to wearing them on my commute to work now that it's freezing. It's just too cold for flats!

    1. i don't love them either, but they really are necessary for a warm commute!

  2. Love you picks! Its definitely time to bring out the Hunters!

  3. Very Cute!! Thank you for featuring my bow ear warmer :)


  4. This is definitely the ultimate New England girls fashion guide to surviving winter, stylishly! Amen to ALL of these xo

  5. Great picks Amy - love the gloves :)

  6. i just giggled when i looked at the list because i have most of this stuff. perhaps because i've lived in cold weather for so long? i feel like it's important to bulk up on your winter wear because you wear it for so long up here in minneapolis :)

  7. Love this post! I have Hunter boots and a new Longchamp on my Christmas list ... great minds think alike :)

  8. I still have my Uggs too. I wear them to walk Toby in the winter because they're just so darn easy to pull on! And those gloves are wicked cute!

  9. the waterproof bag is a nice touch - i never think of that and always regret not bringing one. great tip!

  10. I really wish I could find a cute Ugg alternative but I usually just settle for having cold (but cute) feet haha. DC winters aren't bad compared to Boston but on the rare occasion that it does snow I always wish I had real winter boots instead of just Hunters!

  11. I still have my UGGs from college- they're just so warm I can't get rid of them!