Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Inspiration: Quotes I Love

Happy Friday! I have almost nothing planned for this weekend which I am very excited about - quote #3 definitely suits me right now! :) What are you all doing?

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{this is so true of me...}

{I feel this way when I wear my Grammy's jewelry}

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  1. These are perfect! Such good reminders anytime!

  2. Those kinds of weekends are the best! I wish I could say the same about mine:/ I really love the Buddha quote:)

  3. I feel the SAME way with the jewelry quote :) My favorite pieces are the ones that mean the most!

  4. Definitely needed to see the "calm life" one. Thanks for the weekly dose of inspiration :)

  5. i love the print about a calm life, and it's something i try to remind myself daily. just be happy about the present moment and focus on the little things :)

    have a great weekend amy!

  6. I love the quote about the calm life. Enjoy your weekend - hope it's a calm, relaxing one!