Monday, May 20, 2013

Guest Post: I Am a Lifestyle Blog

Hi everyone! Since the sweet Amy is taking a much deserved break on the wonderful island of Antigua, her lovely Cupcakes & Couture blog is now all mine! Well... at least for one post.

I am Hannah and I blog over at I am a lifestyle blog. I blog about lifestyle, whether that be fashion, interior design, travel, food, personal development or humor. Come over for a visit! I'd love to hear from you.

Amy is on Antigua as we speak, so I thought we'd take a little virtual trip to Antigua with her. First things first: Antigua is an island in the West Indies, located in the Caribbean. So lots of sun, sand and sea. Jealous yet?

I am, so let's say we all decided to join Amy and we've all booked a first class ticket. We've enjoyed the champagne and caviar on the flight, had a little nap and arrived rested and looking even better than before. But where to stay?

How about the beach in the picture above? The Jewel of Mustique is a private villa with beautiful views of the turquoise seas and your own private white sand beach.

Pretty good, but let's keep looking.

Next up: Cap Juluca Hotel and Resort.The resort’s 18 Moorish-styled villas sit oceanfront along a mile of pristine white-sand beach, offering ocean views and a front door on the beach. Cap Juluca also offers fine dining and more casual dining seaside and a new wine bar!

Wine and luxury on Antigua, what's not to love? But I am very picky, so let's look at just one more place before we decide.

Jackpot! This is where I would stay. The Luxury Blue Spa at Carlisle Bay.

The Blue Spa provides a serene environment to unwind. It is located right on the beach with the Antiguan rainforest as a backdrop. I can see myself lying on the beach, sipping on a cocktail made with English Harbour Rum, enjoying the peace and tranquility. After taking a little swim in the ocean and maybe a hike in the rainforest, an hour long massage is waiting for me in the 17,000 sq ft spa. 

Doesn't that sound like pure bliss?

PS: A very happy birthday to Amy as she turns 27 today! :) 


  1. Definitely jealous :) What a beautiful place!

    And happy birthday, Amy!

  2. Happy Birthday to Amy! I love seeing her IG updates :)
    I love your blog too - especially the Baby's with Swag post xo

  3. yesss tropical getaway envy and happy bday to amy!


  4. Happy bday to Amy! Yes, I would love to stay at any of these 3. Sign me up.


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  5. I love cap juluca! I hope you are having a fabulous bday Amy!