Thursday, January 24, 2013

Style Inspiration: Simply Chic

Upon first glance, these 10 outfits may not look like they have much in common, but I love each one because they exude a certain chicness that's effortlessly put together. None of these girls are trying too hard to make a statement and I appreciate the simplicity of their looks. I'll definitely be looking at these photos for inspiration when shopping and putting together new outfits over the next few months! Which look is your favorite?

all images not linked were found on Pinterest with no direct source.
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  1. Ah the first I can wear with my new "leather" pants!!! Thanks!!!!

  2. Think we got the same taste in clothes. I am a very clean and organized kind of girl. Found you via IFB.

    1. Edit: Found you via Lauren Conrad ;) haha....ooops

  3. That first outfit is one of my favorites of ALL time! When I saw this on Viva Luxury's blog I almost died, the coat, the mirrored sunnies it was all so perfect!

  4. These looks are all so understated but still gorgeous. Love!

  5. Those are great bloggers! Great outfits.


  6. I love all of this style inspiration - especially the first image with the trench and the leopard scarf look! So chic!

    elle [wonderfelle world]

  7. There are quite a few items that i love in these pictures.I have been wanting the sunglasses in the first picture for quite some time.The skirt in the second picture looks so elegant.And the collar necklace in the third picture looks so lovely.

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