Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Design Inspiration: Vanities

Someday when I live in my dream home, I'll have a beautiful, feminine vanity where I can sit and primp every time I get ready to leave the house. It will be super organized and topped with scented candles, fresh flowers and a few of my favorite trinkets. I'll make sure it's located near a window so I have lots of natural light streaming in which is the best for applying makeup. Until then, I'll just have to look at these photos and dream...

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  1. I have a vanity, but it's not quite as pretty as these. I'm hoping to upgrade someday, though :)

  2. This looks so beautiful and classy!xx

  3. I'd love to have a room next to my bathroom, like the powder rooms in the old movies, where I could put a gorgeous vanity in:)
    xx Kate

  4. SOOO pretty! This is my dream space for my next place :) Right now, there is just no room for a vanity! Love this inspiration! Happy Wednesday!


  5. I came across your blog and just wanted to say hi! Those are some gorgeous vanities! I love looking at Pinterest to "create" my dream home.


  6. Oh my gooood, I really want one!! They're so beautiful!

    Lana, xo

  7. They are soo pretty, I really want one currently I do all my makeup on the floor - not cool haha

    Fashion Rhapsody
    Rose xo

  8. So pretty and feminine and I love the sparkly Eiffel Tower!