Monday, May 7, 2012

Girly Cupcakes

As you all know, I'm a huge fan of cupcakes! While I'm much better at baking than decorating, I really admire beautifully designed cupcakes, especially girly ones! These are some of my favorite feminine cupcakes - they'll definitely inspire me to work on my decorating skills.

(Unfortunately, I found these images on Pinterest and most were pinned from sites like The Berry and Tumblr which don't credit the original source. I wish I knew who made all of these gorgeous cupcakes so I could give them credit!!)

all images not linked were found on Pinterest with no direct source. 
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  1. Omg Amy those are too cute, I love love love them, I want cupcakes like that for my B-day!


    1. me too - my birthday is next sunday and i wish i could make cupcakes as pretty as these for myself!! :)

  2. Those are all so precious! And it's a shame they never post the source of these photos. I wish I could meet the people behind these amazing creations! xo

  3. So amazing! These are so great; I love the tiered tea party theme.