Monday, November 3, 2014

Lately on Instagram...

Happy Monday - I hope you all had a great weekend! I realized I haven't done a recap of what I've been up to on Instagram in a while, so I thought I'd share what's been going on in my life over the past month or so!

RocksBox gifted me with a 3 month subscription to their amazing jewelry service. I've really enjoyed trying out all of the different pieces that come in each box, which can be swapped out as often as you like. If you want to try out RocksBox, use my invite link to sign up and get your first month free!

Oliver has been settling in nicely - he's already 7 months old! He and Phoebe really love each other and cuddle all the time which makes me so happy.

We've had some beautiful sunsets in Back Bay...

...and I've tried to get out and see the foliage as much as possible!

I added a touch of pink to my apartment with some $5 daisies from Trader Joe's...

...and spent some cozy nights in with my favorite cat mug and some tea.

I finally tried out The Elephant Walk and loved this delicious dessert with a whimsical elephant cookie!

Went to a paint night at The Paint Bar on Newbury St. with my friend Morgan and created this masterpiece!

What have you been up to lately?


  1. RocksBox is the best! You've had some fun times recently!

  2. i'm usually not a fan of subscription services, but the rockbox jewels have been so, so gorgeous. maybe time to try it out? and i love love the painting you did :)

  3. I love when you post your snuggly kitties on instagram! :)

  4. Rocksbox has some lovely pieces!

  5. All the jewelry looks so pretty!

    - Deniz

  6. i want a cat like yours!!!!!!!