Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review: Beauty Roundup

This month, I've been very lucky - I've been sent a bunch of new beauty products to try out and review, which is always so much fun for me! I wanted to do a beauty roundup of everything I've tried and share my review with you all today - there are even a couple of discount codes for you if you're interested in trying any of the products out for yourself!

SOBO Ultra HGF Youth Serum. SOBO natural skincare was a new brand to me - I hadn't heard of them before I was sent a full size sample of their youth serum (retail: $57.) I always love trying out natural brands because I do try to be conscious of what I'm putting on my skin since it's our largest organ! SOBO's youth serum promises to "penetrate deeply into the structure of skin to promote optimal epidermal cell regeneration. It also works to boost skin’s essential immune functions while keeping it smooth and fully hydrated." The main active ingredients are pure seaweed extracts and hyaluronic acid.
I tried out the serum every day for two weeks, using it in the morning after my toner and before my moisturizer. I loved how light the serum was and how quickly it was absorbed into my skin. I also liked the fact that it didn't have much of a scent. While it did leave my skin feeling smooth and looking very even, I unfortunately broke out with cystic pimples after using the product for a full two weeks, which is the length of time I need to see how a product will react with my skin. As I've mentioned before in other beauty posts, I have extremely sensitive skin that's prone to cystic acne and my skin tends to reject the majority of products I try, regardless of how natural they are or how reliable the brand is. It's really unfortunate since I liked the way the serum left my skin feeling before I broke out! I still recommend trying out the product because everyone's skin is different. Cupcakes & Couture readers can get 25% off their online purchase of any SOBO product using the code TRYSOBO.

Jouer Lip Sheer. Jouer kindly sent me one of their lip products to try - their SPF 15 lip sheer that's "loaded with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to lock in moisture and assist in keeping lips smooth, nourished and protected." 
The sheer retails for $22 and comes in 9 different colors, but I was sent their newest shade called 'sheer rosy stain' which is translucent and adjusts to your pH to create a personalized flush of color. The balm left my lips feeling super velvety and soft without flaking and the color was noticeable but natural - perfect for everyday wear! When I run out of this tube, I'll definitely be purchasing another. It's easy to apply, smells like vanilla and makes my lips look and feel beautiful. Here's a little mirror selfie of me wearing the lip sheer before I went out this past weekend!

Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit. As someone who has always struggled with maintaining my skinny, sparse eyebrows, I was really excited to try out this new kit from Billion Dollar Brows (retail $34.99.) It includes a universal brow pencil that can work for any color brow, a clear brow gel, a duo pencil including a concealer and highlighter, and a Smudge Brush to blend in the pencil with.
I used to use Maybelline's clear mascara on my brows, but it always ended up flaking which made me feel like I had brow dandruff...gross. I've also tried out two different brands of tinted brow gel, but I could never find the right color - the color that "matched" always made my brows look way too dark and unnatural, but the lighter color was too light. I'm happy to report that the BDB set has worked absolutely perfectly for me and I think I've found the perfect brow products for me!

"naked" brows:

Here's how I've been using the products in the kit: I start off by lightly filling in my brows with the universal pencil to make them look fuller and less sparse. The color of the pencil looks really natural with my brow color and you can't really tell I've added anything to them. Then I use the brow gel to groom and set my brows - no flaking with this gel! Lastly, I use the highlighter end of the pencil under my brows to add a bit of definition and warmth and smudge it with the brow brush. Voila - perfectly groomed but natural looking brows! You can find the BDB set at any Kohls or online - I definitely recommend it!

billion dollar brows:

Kim Kimble Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry Shine Serum, Silk Hair Elastics and Silk Sleep Cap. I got a bunch of goodies from LA hair stylist Kim Kimble's new line! Kim is a hair stylist to the stars, including Beyonce, Shakira and Gabrielle Union, so she sure knows her stuff. I've been using the Brazilian nut and Acai berry shine serum when I want to blow out my hair in a sleek, straight style like I wore in yesterday's outfit post. It smells delicious and a little bit goes a long way on my fine hair - just a few drops is enough or else my hair can look a bit greasy. It's also great to use on dry hair that needs some extra shine - just one or two drops rubbed together in your hands and smoothed over your hair makes it look great.
I've been using the silk elastics every time I put my hair in a ponytail - because they're silk, they leave less of a "bump" like some elastics can and they don't have that metal piece on them that can hurt your head. I've also been wearing the pretty lace and silk sleep cap to bed each night - if my hair is wet, it helps it dry naturally wavy and without frizz, and if my hair is dry, it keeps it from getting greasy so I can go longer without washing it. That's a win if you ask me! :) Cupcakes & Couture readers can get 10% off their Kim Kimble purchases online using code hair10.

I received all of the products above as complimentary, but all opinions are honest and my own


  1. My only bad thing about the SOBO product was that I ran out of the sample!!! Really loved it, sorry to hear you had a bad reaction! The brow kit sounds really great!!

  2. I need to try that serum! It sounds so interesting!

  3. Love that lip color on you!!

    xo, Jen

  4. That lip color is beautiful! Your eyebrows look AMAZING after using the kit, I have a mini kit of my own but I think I'll try this one out along with the hair serum!