Friday, January 24, 2014

Shopping List: Ear Candy

This evening's post comes to you from Shauna of Like So Pretty, a fellow Boston blogger!

Eye candy or ear candy, you decide. I, for one, could stare at these beauties all day before finally selecting which to wear! The earrings are just a selection of Sisoo’s vintage inspired baubles made by hand in NYC with stones, metals and crystals sourced from all over the world. Designer Sarah Johnson taught herself how to make bracelets way back in fourth grade and couldn’t quit it. After attending Harvard (smarty pants) she enrolled at FIT in NYC to chase her dreams of becoming a jewelry designer a reality and launched Sisoo in 2013. Keep your eyes (and ears) on this emerging brand!

Top to bottom, left to right:
Pippa Earring, Fire Opal - $95 {Amy's note: these are my favorite pair!!}

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  1. I love these earrings, so pretty! Especially the turquoise pair on the top right.

  2. I recently got my ears pierced and have been obsessed with earrings lately. These are gorgeous! I love the Middleton Turquoise!

  3. these earrings are all so pretty.
    the pair on the top right corner are my favorite.
    simply stunning.