Monday, December 16, 2013

Gift Guide: WTF Do I Get Her?

There's always that girl you need to buy a Christmas present for and have zero idea what to get. She's the coworker that you got stuck with in the office gift swap but have never actually spoken to before, your sister-in-law who may or may not hate you, your friend's friend who is hosting you at one of her big holiday parties or your cousin who you see only two times a year. You have a vague idea of what she might like, but since you don't know her that well, you're left thinking, "WTF do I get her?!"

I'm hoping to alleviate some of these WTF thoughts with my gift guide below - each idea is under $75 and covers a broad range of interests, so you're sure to find something she will like! {I'm hoping this list helps some of the clueless guys out there too...please do pass it along to them. :) }

Let me know which idea is your favorite in the comments below.

happy shopping! :)


  1. Cute ideas Amy - I have to say - I'm obsessed with that clutch!! xx

  2. Haha. Love this. All of the ideas are so cute!

  3. The initial book is genius! I might get that for my sis for her birthday.


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  4. I don't know why but I really like the sleep mask. I feel like that's something way more fun to get as a gift than to go out and actually buy.


  5. These are all such great picks, and so unique! I love the USB keychain!