Monday, September 30, 2013

Hearts On Fire Diamonds Event

I was invited to an event at the Hearts On Fire headquarters last week and almost yelped when I got the invitation. A night where I can try on diamonds, drink wine and eat cheese with other bloggers? Yes please!!!

The event was so much fun and I got to meet the new jewelry designer for the brand, Ilaria Lanzoni. She was so sweet and passionate about her latest designs - you tell just from talking to her for a few minutes how creative and talented she is!

from left to right: 
Jaime from La Vie J'aime, yours truly, designer Ilaria,
Juliette from Infinite Style and Angela from Instant Milk

The first thing I wanted to do was try on engagement rings. I know it's super girly of me, but since I don't have my own I always want to see what they look like on me! I fell totally in love with this first ring, the Euphoria round stone with a pave halo. It was so sparkly and just looked perfect on my finger! I also couldn't believe that the center stone was just one carat and the pave totaled 0.7 carats...the ring looks like a much larger carat size when it's on, don't you think?!

I also liked the Lorelei floral engagement ring because it looked really vintage and unique.

The Illa Collection really caught my eye with all of the star designs! I'd love a pair of the little studs or the shooting star necklace

The Constellation ring is one of the most outstanding pieces from the Illa Collection. It really reminded me of a galaxy because when you shake your finger, the little stars move around and look like they're twinkling in the sky! 

I loved this simple criss-cross diamond band and could see myself wearing it on my middle finger to add a little sparkle to every outfit.

The Infinity ring from the Lorelei collection was pretty breathtaking. I could definitely see a celebrity wearing this on the red carpet at the Oscars!

I was so impressed by all of the pieces that Hearts On Fire had at the event. They say that they have the world's most perfectly cut diamond, and I can definitely see why that's true! Every single piece sparkled and shone like nothing I've seen before. All of their diamonds are certified conflict free so you can feel good when buying them. Whenever I do get engaged someday, I am going to put the Euphoria at the top of my list! {Future boyfriend/fiance/husband, I hope you are paying attention out there somewhere...} Make sure to check out Hearts On Fire's website to learn more and look at all of their pretty, sparkly diamonds. :)


  1. These pieces are absolutely stunning! So sad I had to miss the event, loved seeing Jaime and Angela in the photos though, you ladies looked great :)

    p.s. Matt and I popped into a jewelry store last weekend!

  2. so much pretty bling! was great to see you.

  3. So, so gorgeous! Chris told me I can get a new diamond for our 10 year wedding anniversary. 2 down....8 to go....hahah...

  4. SO MUCH FUN! I'm so jealous - the jewelry looks gorgeous (as do you)! xx

  5. Oh my goodness, so many gorgeous rings and what not! Jealous! I want to go to an event like this ;)

  6. This looks like a wonderful event and these jewelry pieces are astonishing.


  7. Oh my gosh, how fun! Such beautiful pieces! I especially like the floral engagement ring:) Your nails look amazing too!

  8. Aww I'm jealous!
    You are so lucky, I hope you had a great time :)

  9. These pieces of jewellery are absolutely outstanding, so very beautiful and impressive.

  10. Gah I loveeee looking at jewelry! My mom and I always do in the mall, dreaming of what will be on my finger someday in the future haha!

  11. How fabulous! Can I come next time? I've never tried on really fancy jewlery, so I'll have to add that to the bucket list ;) xx

  12. Everything is jaw dropping but that constellation ring was love at first sight!

    xx Cara

  13. Diamonds, cheese and wine? count me in next time!

  14. This sounds like such an awesome event - I mean, diamonds... yes, please! Our 2nd wedding anniversary is tomorrow and I'm already thinking I want an upgrade hehe :)

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