Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shop my collection on Arcadian Home!

Hi all - I'm very excited to be curating my own collection this week on Arcadian Home

click to enlarge

They asked me to put together a collection of their items that caught my eye for a week long flash sale, and I used my soon-to-be lofted apartment as inspiration! I incorporated a lot of Parisian chic pieces with pops of black, white, pink and grey.

Here's a peek at my collection...what do you think?

click to enlarge

And here are a few of my favorite items...

arcadian home set

Make sure to head on over to Arcadian Home and check out my collection - it will only be live for a week!!


  1. This collection is so pretty!! Great job! This is such a great post! xx. McKenna Lou

  2. That is so cool Amy! I've always wanted to curate something on onekingslane or similar sites. Love the collection you put together!


  3. Ah that's so cool!! I love that tufted chair!

  4. The chevron lamps are amazing, and that armchair looks divine. This collection is SO you, Amy!

    1. yay, i'm glad you think so!! :) it feels very me because i want all of it for my new place, ha!

  5. This is so awesome and I love the pieces!

  6. Oh so fun! Love everything in your collection, especially the chandeliers!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

  7. Love your selection!!! Those prints on the rug is what I got recently for my house. :)

    xo – Sheila
    Find me on BlogLovin!

  8. Congrats! Love this entire collection, everything is so beautiful!


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  10. Gorgeous inspiration! The most fun part of moving is decorating! Loving that coffee table and that lamp - so pretty brick cleaner near me